Lelit Mara PL62T

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Maskine i højglanspoleret rustfrit stål med E61 bryggruppe, PID styring af bryggruppen og 1,5 liter kobberkedel med varmeveksler

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We implemented the best technology existing in the coffee world in a machine with a unique and compact design. A marvelous object to practice the golden rules that allow every real barista to brew the most sensual espresso he can dream of.
• Cup warmer.
• Polished water tray in stainless steel.
• Double manometer for coffee/steam pressure.
• Multidirectional, anti-burn steam/water wands.
• Polished old style knobs in phenolic resin with chromed, anti-burn cover.
• PID boiler controller for coffee.
• Mirror polished stainless steel appliance body
• 1.5 l copper boiler with heat exchanger
• E61 type group with mechanical pre-infusion
• Group heating through thermo-syphonic circulation
• Professional water-steam taps with spring closure
• 3 way solenoid valve for coffee manometer reset
• I-O round, stainless steel switch
• Led for machine on
• Led for machine in heating process
• Acoustic alarm for lack of water in the tank
• 58mm commercial filterholder.

Delivered with:
1 cup and 2 cups complete Lelit filter¬holders, blind filter, 35 lt resin filter, Lelit tamper in stainless steel with red wood handle.

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Vægt 18 kg
Størrelse 40 × 22 × 35 cm